Writing Wrongs

February 07, 2004

Youíd think the Internet would be a boon for writers. Online classes, workshops, critique groups. And there is much that is good. But of course, thereís a downside to everything.

Iím trying something new. A new genre, so to get a sense of how Iím doing, I post a scene for my online critique group. Generally this is no big deal. Iíve waited months--even years--for a reply. Not from them, of course, but in general. But when itís something new, and Iím unsure . . . itís all I can do not to click ďsend/receive mailĒ every other minute.

The internet has also made Sunday a dangerous day for writers. The once-rejection free day is no more. Twice now Iíve received rejections on a Sunday. Is it too much to wait? Just a day. I mean, Monday is the perfect day, rejection-wise

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 4:30 p.m.