Writing Wrongs

February 14, 2004

Well, I found a nice site that offers free templates and decided I really needed an update to the boring standard templates that come with this site. I suspect you’re just not a cool blogger if you don’t have the mondo-cool template to back it up.

The downside: some of my old entries aren’t working. I think this is my fault. I changed my mind about one page per enty/weblog style and so now the ones in the old weblog style can’t be read. I hope at some point to fix this. Or write such entertaining future entries, no one cares to read the old ones.

As always, on holiday mornings, I find presents for everyone courtesy of Bob. I added my own contributions to the table, but I’ve got my eye on that gold bag with the words Godiva on it.

A girl in Andrew’s class wrote “stupid” on the valentine she gave him. From the look on his face, and the relish with which he repeats this story, you can tell he thinks it’s a grand joke. Although, these days, if he told on her, she’d probably get in trouble.

Hope everyone gets the valentine they’re hoping for (with “stupid” completely optional).

Writing Progress: Good! I reworked the first 4,000 words of Cold Comfort.

What I’m reading: Yikes! What I need to read are the other eight partials for the Golden Heart.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 6:26 a.m.