Writing Wrongs

May 17, 2004

Iím four scenes away from finishing Accidental Cheerleader and Iím stuck. Iíve tried starting it a couple of different ways and nothingís taking. Argh. I hate that, especially when Iím in the ďya gotta write every day to be a real writerĒ mode. What did I do instead?

I said screw it and rented a dumpster for the basement that so desperately needs it. Itís too bad we canít simply tip the basement and let everything slide into some giant receptacle. And of course they delivered it so itís as close to the road (read: as far from the house) as physically possible without actually being in the road.

But thereís something soothing to breaking down cardboard boxes (yes, Iím recycling those) and mulling story problems. Two stories, multiple problems. But with a world gone crazy, a messy basement and no progress on the writing front isnít such a big deal.

Writing Progress: You had to ask, didnít you. I do have 24,000 words on Accidental Cheerleader. I guess itís all relative.

What Iím reading: I found Andrewís old copy of Pat the Bunny while cleaning and brought it upstairs for Kyra.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 4:22 p.m.