Writing Wrongs

July 15, 2004

Had the thought this morning that Iím glad Iím not going to the RWA National conference in Dallas, Texas. One word: hot, Hot, HOT.

Okay, that was three. Still, even though most time will be spent inside, I donít think Iíve sufficiently recovered from the heat and humidity of Alabama. For a conference, Iíd rather go somewhere Iíve never been or somewhere I love. Dallas is neither of those. Next year is Reno. Iíd go to Reno, mainly because Iíve never been there. Iíd go back to New York in an instant.

The other night, I had what probably constitutes a new twist on a writerís nightmare. I was in a room with a bunch of editors from a New York Publishing House (the name escapes me, but it was a blend of Avon and Penguin). I wasnít there to pitch my own books. In fact, I knew I didnít have anything appropriate to pitch.

What I had was a stack of partial manuscripts from ďfriendsĒ (who these people were, I donít know) and I was supposed to pitch their books for them.

This had the editors peeved, to the point that I knew I had lost all chance of ever pitching one of my own books, a classic case of shooting the messenger. Still, we went forward. It was then I realized I hadnít read any of the partials.

So I shuffled through the first, trying to pull pertinent details from the synopsis. One clichť after the other followed, followed by me saying, ďItís much better in the actual book.Ē One peek at the manuscript told me it wasnít. What to do? Trash a ďfriendísĒ book in front of editors or pitch something that wasnít ready?

At this point, Kyra cried out and I woke up.

For the past two weeks or so, all my dreams have been like this: vivid, disturbing, and all about writing.

So, Dr. Freud, what say you?

Writing Progress: I did more than a little ďtweakingĒ on the synopsis. Try major overall. But Iím pleased. Today, Iím going to apply the ďwhyĒ question to all major actions to make sure the motivation is clear in the synopsis itself.

What Iím Reading: More Ella Enchanted. Andrew still does that little boy eye roll when I pick up the book, but heís an awfully intent listener.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:06 a.m.