Writing Wrongs

August 13, 2004

No, not trying to go freelance, but wearing cream-colored linen Capri pants to ďlunch with the toddlersĒ at Kyraís daycare. She sat so proudly next to me. She totally got the idea of the lunch, the special table, and the rest. She was so grown up! Until the end, when it was time for the parents to leave.

Then it was wailing, and crying, and gnashing of teeth.

The pants, however, survived.

I spent the past two days overhauling the web site. Iím pretty proud of it, too, although Iím sure thereís a glitch or two that still needs to be worked out. I did get the contact form to work. Itís not as obvious as it might seem, since my hosting company does forms their own way, not the FrontPage way. Of course, that could be considered an advantage. You can check out my handiwork here .

Writing Progress: Sent out three queries/submissions. I maintain a grid in a notebook (I like doing this by hand, not in the computer) of those things I can: write, revise, or query. Some markets, I need the completed piece to send in. Others, I simply need to query. And while Iíve been spinning in too many circles to work much on Accidental Cheerleader, I actually drafted an outline for a new scene. Considering I was laid off on Monday, Iíd call that a success.

What Iím reading: The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success. My kind of book. I also have a more sedate volume on freelancing thatís next in the queue.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 4:36 p.m.