Writing Wrongs

August 26, 2004

Iíve been busy. Really. Beyond taking care of our new addition (see picture). After a flurry of activity and sending last week, this week Iíve concentrated on Accidental Cheerleader. Iím entering it in the Stiletto contest, in the YA Chicks category, so it was revision time.

Aside from some tweaking, itís ready, so back to the nonfiction I go. I may have a project soon, depending on what happens at my contract house. And a pay raise. Hey, I didnít even know my rate was artificially kept low at my old employer. What do you know? Silver lining and all that.

One great thing about being at home is the mid-day run/walk. Today was almost a wash-out, but only a smattering of sprinkles fell while I ran, and I was dry enough (although I was probably pretty smelly) to order a chai at Dunn Bros. coffee afterward.

Sparky, the destructo-pup

Writing Progress: Good! My article on writing contests will appear in the October issue of T-Zero. Iím working on an author interview and another article on making the most of online writing classes. And of course, the whole Accidental Cheerleader thing. I even wrote the synopsis. And it wasnít even that painful.

What Iím reading: Other than my critique partnerís contest entry, I havenít been reading as much as I should this week. Something about revising gives me tunnel vision. I can only see my story and I hate being distracted. Once I send off the entry, Iím sure Iíll need lots of distractions.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:02 p.m.