Writing Wrongs

September 14, 2004

For reasons that are entirely vague, Andrew and I taught Kyra how to say chicken pot pie. It comes out, ďChi-chi Popeye.Ē

Sparky the destruct-o pup has found a new calling: protecting the world from root beer. She cornered a root beer can the other morning and punctured it with one of her little sharp puppy teeth. It retaliated by spraying her in the face. Ever since then, if she catches sight of a root beer can (and itís Andrewís favorite drink), she goes into fierce puppy mode, complete with little growls and barking.

Writing Progress: Iím working on The Boysí Club all out. Draft by the end of the year? Hmm. Iím not sure about that. I would like to alternate like I did with Cold Comfort and Accidental Cheerleader. I wrote the rough draft of each back to back and then switched back and forth for revision. That worked out really well. I hope to have more of an idea about the second YA I want to write by the time Iím done with TBC.

What Iím reading: After my whirlwind revisiting of Russian history and Fabergť eggs, all Iíve managed is reading for a class Iím taking, Alice Orrís No More Rejections. Sure, it sounds good.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 6:27 p.m.