Writing Wrongs

October 01, 2004

He doesnít know about it yet, but Andrew will be excited about the Mt. St. Helenís eruption. Heís fascinated by all natural disasters. Itís a little boy thing.

Last week, we were at the library, raiding the easy nonfiction section for all things disastrous. Into the bag when earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning strikes. I held up a book on geysers and asked, ďHow about this?Ē

ďWhatís a geyser?Ē Andrew said.

ďItís where hot water and steam shoot out of the earth.Ē

ďOh, Mommy! Iím all about that!Ē

So into the bag it went.

My own excitement pales by comparison. My article on writing contests is up at T-Zero, and my article Selling Myself Short is in this monthís ByLine Magazine.

Writing Progress: Iíve been doing a lot of background work on The Boysí Club, printing amazingly large amounts of manuscript pages for various contest entries and submissions, and sending out some nonfiction pieces as well. If it stops raining, Iím going to hazard a trip to the post office.

What Iím reading: Contest entries for the Stiletto and The Girlsí Guide to Hunting and Fishing. I know itís been out for a while, but I havenít read it.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 3:07 p.m.