Writing Wrongs

October 23, 2004

Iím jobful! Thatís the opposite of jobless. This week, I started a short-term contract at a local software company. Itís a great company and Iíll pick up a couple of new authoring software tools ~ very important in the technical writing field.

Yesterday, while I was checking documents in and out, someone came over to our section and said:

ĒCookies in the ping-pong room.Ē

I thought for certain I misheard him. Ping-pong room?

Sure enough. There is a ping-pong room on our floor, complete with tables, paddles and balls.

Things that pop up in conversation with Andrew: This past week, Iíve had to convince him that Pink Floydís The Wall is not the same thing as the Berlin Wall. Really. Theyíre not. Trust me on this one. He remains unconvinced.

Writing Progress: I havenít written a whole lot this week. Iím still pondering just how to tackle The Boysí Club. But that whole "Rule of Twelve" thing I wrote about previously is starting to hit home, when I least expect it. Yesterday, I found an 8x10 envelope from Writerís Digest in my mail box. Elvis Has Left the Building received an honorable mention in their 73rd Annual Writing Competition. It landed in the top 100 in its category. Not bad for a contest that received 18,000 entries this year.

What Iím reading: When I get a spare moment, Reading Lolita in Tehran.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 3:10 p.m.