Writing Wrongs

January 07, 2005

In an early scene of a young adult novel a friend of mine has written, a young man tries to impress a girl by playing the air guitar. The feat earns a giggle, so I guess it works.

The other day on the drive home, Andrew had me turn the dial to Radio Disney. If you’ve never listened to Radio Disney (for which you should be grateful), it has the most bizarre play list ever conceived. Ashlee Simpson (Pieces of Me) and M.C. Hammer (Can’t Touch This). James Brown (I Got You) and Bowling for Soup (1985, the rated “G” version).

And the perennial We Will Rock You by Queen.

We pulled into the drive mid-song. Andrew was frantic.

“Don’t turn it off, Mommy. I want to show you what I can do."

We waited. He and Kyra kept time with the stomping/clapping part of the song (well, he did, Kyra lagged a bit behind). Then came the guitar solo, and there was my son, in between the two front seats, knees on the floorboard, demonstrating his skill with the air guitar.

It made me wonder: what is it about the air guitar that makes men think it’s an actual skill? And what makes men think this “skill” impresses women? No doubt mothers of the world are to blame. They smile and nod encouragingly at such antics (which I did as well).

Andrew now has a “band” with friends from daycare. How this is possible, since none of them play anything but air, I don’t know. But they’re having fun, and their instruments are always in tune, so guess that’s all that matters.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:57 p.m.