Writing Wrongs

January 09, 2005

Even though I removed some of the wine (see this entry), Iím still having trouble with the second scene of The Boysí Club. I do write out of order on occasion (okay, my writing group would tell you I do this a lot), but at some point, I like to get the narrative flowing.

I originally had this scene from another point of view than my main character. Iíd decided a while back that maybe this book should be only in her viewpoint. That solved what I thought were some problems and created others. Thereís one scene that I want in the story and she canít narrate (since she isnít physically there). Thatís a problem. Thereís information I want to impart that works better coming from someone other than my main character.

The other day, I rambled to a writing friend of mine about what I do when I struggle with what a scene needs to be. I look at tension and whether the scene introduces something new or changes the tension between characters. And I look at whether Iím starting too soon or dragging it on too long.

Guess what. My problem exactly with this second scene. I think. Thatís my answer for now. I need to end the scene earlier for my main character and then switch it to the other character I had originally narrating. If that makes any sense.

So . . . Iím back where I started, considering a multi-viewpoint book. Thatís okay. My only big writing goal for 2005 is to work on this book.

And now, I think Iíll go tackle that scene. Right after I help Kyra dress her dolls.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 7:44 a.m.