Writing Wrongs

January 10, 2005

I can so not make up my mind. Yesterday I had it all worked out. I “knew” the answer to the scene problem and the POV conundrum.

Well, it just wasn’t working. The other technique I use when facing a problem scene is: do I really need this scene? If a particular scene didn’t exist, what would I have to do?

Not a whole lot, it seems. I can easily move some interaction to another part of the book, and the rest? Not needed. And juggling things around may actually make later revelations more startling (or so I desperately hope).

On top of this, I’m back to thinking it’s a one point of view story. On the bright side, I also conjured up a completely sappy epilogue, which I may or may not end up writing--but it was fun to think about it.

On the brighter side. This is why I love index cards. I can shuffle stuff around, make a few notes and call it done.

This morning the kids were up early. Andrew has a new magic trick kit, and he was trying his act out on Kyra (now there’s a captive audience). The squeal of the “popping snake from a can” reached the bedroom. I froze, waiting for a wail of terror. Instead, I heard a giggle. It was even funnier when Mommy fell for the joke.

Of course, the other day, I told her it was hard to walk with her holding onto my leg. She switched tactics, grasped her own leg, and proceeded to stomp about the kitchen, frowning and grunting.

In other words, making fun of me. And I have to wonder: how did my kids end up with the mutant comedian gene.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:10 p.m.