Writing Wrongs

January 26, 2005

Last night, my copy of the Learning through History Imperial Russia issue was waiting in my mailbox when I got home. I like seeing my articles and stories in print, but I have a hard time actually looking at them.

Itís weird. Iíll take quick glances, because mainly Iím curious to see if the editor(s) left most of my words intact. In the case of my Carl Faberge bio piece, it looks like they did, at least from what I could stand to read of it.

They did change the title and add in a sentence about how it was a fictitious journal based on fact. (Forgot about doing that. I guess we wouldnít want anyone to think Carl actually wrote it.) They added some nice graphics and the magazine itself is nice looking. But as for kicking up my feet and actually reading what Iíve written, itís not going to happen. Iím not making this up when I say itís almost painful to look at my own words in print.

Writing Progress: There was something explosive about Uzi submachine guns and German marksmanship training, or at least what comes after that. I think I hit upon something, although weíll see. The Boysí Club has been running 50/50 with a lot of people, so weíll see. Weíll see.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:28 a.m.