Writing Wrongs

February 02, 2005

Yesterday wasn’t much of a writing day. It was a dishes day, thanks to a broken dishwasher. I patently ignored Bob when he told me he likes seeing me do the dishes. He thinks he’s funny.

Andrew and Kyra were playing with soapy water in the bathroom (and yes, it was as big of a disaster as it sounds). Every few moments, Andrew would emerge with a soap beard and announce, “Here’s how I’ll look when I retire.”

A bit later, he rushed into the kitchen. “Mommy, I have a moustache.”

Well, yeah, he did. Out of soap. “No, I felt little hairs on my lip. I have a moustache,” he said. With that, he strutted from the kitchen.

Much later, after stemming the bathroom floodtides, and quiet time reigned, I heard the commercial for the movie version of Because of Winn Dixie. The dog (Winn Dixie) fascinates Andrew. Then I remembered, hey, we have a copy of the book. And just not any copy, but one autographed by Kate Dicamillo, to Andrew personally, although he’s too young to remember that.

But now he’s old enough to enjoy the book. Kate was one of our “Half-Price Books” acquaintances. She continued to work there after Because of Winn Dixie was published. Bob, I think, struck up a conversation with her since he’s good at that sort of thing. We talked writing and publishing, and how hard it was to get an agent. Even with her Newberry Award and landing at #6 on the NYT children’s bestsellers list, she couldn’t get one.

Somehow, I suspect “getting an agent” isn’t one of Kate’s big concerns these days. I recently heard a radio interview with her and she remains wonderfully down to earth. Take a peek at her website. Writers might want to read Kate’s essay and writing tips.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:36 a.m.