Writing Wrongs

February 08, 2005

So Iím reading Romancing the Blog again, todayís post (2/8/2005), and have learned that to write a blog, you should follow certain rules. Sure, I have my ďhot buttonĒ issues too. (No, go on, not you, Charity.) But what someone decides to put in his/her blog isnít one of them.

As for updating daily, unbelievable as it may sound, I donít have something to say every single day. Some days, I get caught up in writing fiction. Some days, I spend the time with my kids. And really, isnít that how it should be? The virtual life is great, but letís not forget the real one away from the computer.

Comments? For the longest time I didnít bother to upgrade (the comment function costs extra) and no, I didnít want to switch platforms. I know my way around the minor coding I need to do here at Diaryland and I like my template. Besides, I always think entry after entry without comments looks a little lonely and sad.

And your hero and heroine better meet in the first chapter. Oh, wait. Wrong set of rules.

So I guess you could say my ďhot buttonĒ issue is being told when I should write, and how, and how often. And here I was feeling all centered and calm because I woke up early, exercised, and wrote morning pages. Yeah. That lasted.

On a positive note, Andrew has finally decided what heíd like to do for the imagination fair. The bonus? It doesnít involve an overly complicated kit (only 357 easy steps!), messy ingredients, or blowing anything up. Weíre going to show off his/mine glass animal collection. Iím thinking we get some scraps of velvet from the fabric store, make an artful arrangement, and call it done.

Writing Progress: Ah, the source of my crankiness becomes clear. I havenít made much progress on The Boysí Club. My big problem? Iím worried about being boring, since the consensus on chapter two was it was just that, which makes it difficult to move onto chapter three. I was concentrating on the story, on not being boring. Finally, Kit (my main character) pulled me aside and said:

Hey, it canít happen like that. Iím going to think these thoughts, and go off on that tangent. Trust me when I say it will all come together. And what doesnít, weíll fix in revision.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:27 a.m.