Writing Wrongs

February 14, 2005

Andrew wanted to get me a “real” Valentine's Day gift this year, so Bob helped him pick one out. He was so excited this morning. It's a heart pendant necklace with “Real gold and diamonds, Mommy!”

Okay, so the total carat weight comes in at .005 and they bought it at Target. "It's supposed to be $39.95, Mommy, but we got it for $29.95." He tells me this so I know what a shrewd consumer he is. Later, he says, with the utmost seriousness, "Maybe you shouldn't wear it to work. People will be jealous."

Yeah. Of the terrific son I have, not to mention, my husband. It made my morning, even with all the snow, the fact I forgot to write out Kyra's Valentines for the toddler room, and totally spaced the amount of money I needed to buy a scone and chai at Starbucks (but they know me there and spotted me the thirty cents).

I even wrote a scene this weekend and there should be a box of truffles from Debrand waiting for me when I get home.

All and all, a pretty good Valentine’s Day.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:54 a.m.