Writing Wrongs

March 01, 2005

Romancing the Blog has a nice entry today about Random Acts of Kindness. Ironically, Iím up in arms about a random act of cruelty, going on, somewhere, in the writing community. Howís that for vague. Iíve been sworn to secrecy, but even if I werenít, I wouldnít bring it here. Not to tease anyone with this or anything. But itís tough to do anything else when Iím up in arms, even spell, as my word processor has been reminding me.

So it was nice to read about kindness. I need a dose of that, along with some humor, kittens, and pink princess capes.

So princess capes and tiaras going out to all my writing friends, specifically, D. P. M. H. LW. & J in Madness (you know who you are). Not to mention special Madness visitors, like M and L and C.

And to everyone who stops in and reads my blog (you know who you are). This never ceases to amaze me. So pick from the bin: a sparkly tiara, a pink princess cape (with fuzzy trim!), or a kitten.

There. I feel much better.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:21 p.m.