Writing Wrongs

March 03, 2005

What is it about a bookstore? Itís not like I need any more books to read. I still have books from last Christmas (that would be Christmas 2003) I havenít read. So why this desire for new books?

Maybe itís something in the air, because when Iím in the bookstore, I simply know I have all this free time to read. I envision myself lounging on the couch, books and kids scattered about, all of us peacefully reading while the dogs snooze.

Yeah. Right. It always works like that.

On Monday, I browsed through our new Barnes and Noble and actually walked out of the store without buying a single thing. Amazing. Maybe the selection is too big. This store is huge. Thereís hot and cold running chai, not to mention the cheesecake. Or all the books.

But the hook was set. Yesterday I went back. And. Spent. Money.

One thing I like to do is surprise the kids, so when I buy, I generally do it right before I pick them up from daycare. I place a book for each of them on their seat in the car and watch their faces when we open the doors. Never fails to make my day.

This was Kyraís book yesterday and she gives it a five sparkly princess crown review.

Iím searching for new series for Andrew now that heís finished the Marvin Redpost books and all the Magic Tree House ones. I think itís kind of neat that an Andrew is starring in this one.

This looked very interesting, a bit of a twist on the YA genre. I donít see lots of boys buying this one, but you never know.

I couldnít resist this one.

The last two books are both under 300 pages, and since Iíve been reading long books lately, I may take a break and read these two next. Donít get me wrong. I adore long books. Iíve read War and Peace and Anna Karenina. But I need a breather. I need to breeze through a couple of books if only to remind myself I can.

Iím such a slow reader these days--and in perilous danger of having my To Be Read pile crush me.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:45 a.m.