Writing Wrongs

April 01, 2005

Iím now the proud owner of a pitch. Sort of. I think it turned okay, from all accounts so far. It could stand a little tweaking, but otherwise, I think Iíll send it.

Now my dilemma: I should probably write the draft, thereby turning it from vaporware into an actual book. But I donít want to lose momentum on The Boysí Club.

Then I remember. I have no momentum.

But wait! The moment Iím sure writing Geek Girlís Guide is a good idea, I have nothing but revolving scenes from The Boysí Club going through my head. Actually, I have scenes from GGG as well. Itís kind of like switching between two channels with the remote. And I think that makes me sound crazier than I am. Maybe.

I do think the main advantage to switching gears is I work on The Boysí Club in between drafts of GGG. And GGG will be a much shorter book, which presents its own challenges, but it takes far less endurance to write. Kind of like running a 10k compared to a marathon.

In other news, we made the discovery last night that Kyra is a natural born shopper. Andrew takes swim lesson in a mall. Let me rephrase that. The swim school is in a small, hardly chi-chi mall. While we wait for him to dry and dress, Kyra and I wander. Her favorite store is Claireís, a tween haven of pink, purple and all things Hello Kitty. But it was closed, so she made a beeline for the Dress Barn.

She strode through the store with incredible purpose. Anything dowdy (and this was Dress Barn, so . . .) was cast aside. If it was pink, flouncy, or flowered it passed muster. She picked out dresses for both of us, too. ďMama dress. Kyra dress.Ē

So where does this behavior come from? It must be genetic, because shopping is one of the last things I ever do, especially for clothes. I mean, if you canít order it online, do you really need it? Iím thinking either itís a recessive gene or quite possibly a mutation.

But just think, once we survive the teen years, I can have her do all my clothes shopping for me.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:32 p.m.