Writing Wrongs

April 08, 2005

Now I remember why I love daylight saving time: evening walks with Kyra. However, it did take me a while to fathom why it was so tough to do those three miles. I mean, Iíve been working out, diligently too, for a while now. A three-mile walk? Whereís the problem?

Itís in the nearly forty pounds of combined toddler and stroller. A three-mile walk is one thing. A three-mile walk while pushing the marvelous Miss B in her stroller, along with a baby doll and toddler purse (we never leave home without it) is another.

And it could be a me thing, but thereís something about walking and writing. They go together. I think itís the rhythm and that it gives your mind enough to do, but not so much that you canít run a scene through your head or ponder a story problem.

Speaking of stories, Iíve done a lot of work on The Geek Girlís Guide, which is why Iíve been so quiet here. I saw the ending the other day, while driving on the highway (I was watching the road as well, too, so not to worry). I had one of those so thatís how it works out! moments that reassures me I can actually reach the end. I donít have all the particulars, but I know where Iím going, so I feel as though Iíll (eventually) get there.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:18 a.m.