Writing Wrongs

April 10, 2005

Also known as: how to waste a colossal amount of time.

Pictures are floating around the internet, writers talking about who their characters look like. Some writers start this way. They canít write until they have an actual photograph that looks like the character they have in mind.

Iím a bit different. I know what my characters look like and generally they donít look like an actor or actress or anyone else, but later it strikes me that so-and-so could play their part in the blockbuster movie coming soon to a theater near you. (Hey, itís Sunday. Let me dream.)

In False Impressions, Hugh Jackman could certainly do Rickman justice. Iím thinking a cross between the refined Leopold from Kate and Leopold and the cruder Eddie from Someone Like You.

Liv Tyler, if she werenít such a girly girl, could play Lila. Iím thinking that first sequence of her running through the words in the LOTR movies, not when sheís lying around on the couch later bemoaning her fate. Lila does not bemoan.

In Accidental Cheerleader, I donít have an actress in mind for Bethany. But the inspiration for Jack came from Timberwolves player Wally Szczerbiak, who is a major local heartthrob.

For Cold Comfort, I have a Rupert for a Rupert. Rupert Everett has the right amount of inner-snob that heís a natural for Rupert. (That sounds strange). As for Kate, spunky Helen Hunt.

For Geek Girlís Guide, definitely Colin Farrel for Duncan, only a debate dork version of Colin Farrel without all the uber-bad boy vibe going on (or most of it, anyway). I stumbled across Chyler Leigh on the front page of IMDB (obviously a site where one can waste a colossal amount of time) and thought she might make a nice Kara.

Whatís funny is I never did cast for India Charlie. But I did meet Frankís real-life doppelganger at Andrewís swim school, where he worked for a while. Itís a weird experience to see a walking, talking version of a character you created, and he looked just like Frank, right down to the tattoo on the left bicep. It was creepy weird.

Likewise, I donít have anyone for Kit in The Boysí Club, but George Clooney has a Mark thing going on here.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:08 a.m.