Writing Wrongs

April 12, 2005

Drama, drama everywhere and not a drop to drink.

In the last month and a half thereís been so much drama in the little blog-o-sphere I visit, it could fuel several seasons of Desperate Housewives. If youíre curious about the latest, and have mucho time on your hands, you can visit Larissaís Soapbox for an explanation and track back from there.

Iíve always taken to heart Julia Cameronís advice in The Artist's Way. If you want to create, or in this case, write, keep the drama on the page. By that, I donít mean running away from conflict or trying to resolve issues. What Iím talking about is good old-fashion flame wars and behavior reminiscent of high school.

Drama drains me. If I disagree with what someone writes on their blog, I see no point in posting a snarky comment. So they have a different opinion. So what? So do I. And sometimes I might talk about it here, but thatís as far as I take it.

But I wonder if drama actually fuels a certain type of person, because clearly, some people engaging in these dramas of late are highly-productive writers. Some have books coming out, or work fulltime and have families, or all of the above. Where do they get the energy? The time? Thatís what Iíd like to know. And when you find out, please tell me, because I could use a little of both.

Until then, Iím going back to the dramas on the page.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:51 a.m.