Writing Wrongs

April 15, 2005

About every other day, I eat at Leeann Chin’s (exciting stuff, I know). So about every other day, I get a fortune inside a cookie. This is my no-joking fortune for today:

A book is in your future.

You don’t say? Hmm. I may have to make Friday fortunes a regular installment here at Writing Wrongs. Of course, on the back of the fortune, there’s an advertisement for Full Color Entertaining (as opposed to Black & White entertaining?). Is the karma of a fortune-cookie fortune less if there’s an advertisement on the back?

In other news, Andrew has declared that I have no short-term memory for Dragon Ball Z characters. Uh, he’s right about that, but where do kids pick up phrases like “short-term memory”? And while we’re at it, could someone explain the plot of Dragon Ball Z? To me, it’s an endless stream of and then, and then, and then . . ..

Kyra is still searching for those elusive ponies. She had my keys again last night, pulled her winter jacket from the coat closet, and was standing at the door. Did she want me to drive her? Nope. She was going alone and I was to “stay home Andrew, Mama.”

A weird thing happened after I wrote that pitch for The Geek Girl’s Guide. I started writing. A lot. On it, and The Boys’ Club again. It’s almost like a dam has opened and it’s pretty exciting. I may not be writing my best (and for now, I don’t care), but this is when it feels the best. And there’s nothing quite like that.

I’m finishing up a scene that includes a bra, tying one’s self to a cot, smelling really bad, leg shaving, sleep talking, and what you might say to someone in the dark that you wouldn’t in the light.

Then again, maybe there isn’t a book in my future.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:52 p.m.