Writing Wrongs

April 19, 2005

Not too long ago, I downloaded Napster (I tried Music Match--huge mistake). Andrew and I had fun searching for songs and I burned a CD for him of some of his favorites. Quite possibly, itís the only CD in existence where Jimmy Eat World and the Backstreet Boys peacefully coexist.

I like having a sizeable classical music library. I certainly donít have the time, knowledge or money to build one. In fact, thereís a lot to like. But I do have a problem.

Nine times out of ten when I open it up, my mind goes completely blank. There are simply too many choices. I end up making lame play lists that are dominated by one or two bands and drawing blanks on all the songs I heard during the commute that I just had to download. I did manage to make a not-too-lame compilation of all my favorite U2 songs. Something about being restricted to one band made it easier. So now I have two CDs full of my favorites for those times the radio becomes a sucking black hole of programming.

In other news, for the next two weeks, theyíre conducting the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments at Andrewís school. Can we stress level through the roof? For all involved? Yesterday, Andrew packed up his desk--yes, all of it--and was prepared to take everything home, never to return. His teacher (whom he likes) managed to stop him. It doesnít help when his friends are telling him that if does poorly, heís destined for a two dollar per hour job for the rest of his life.

We had a long talk about tests and what they mean and what they donít, why the schools use them, and why, in the long run, they donít really matter. Then we decompressed with some park time and a trip to Dairy Queen.

Hot fudge sundaes: the cure for what ails you.

Addendum: This is an historic day. Iíve officially reached 100 entries in my blog. Yay, me!

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