Writing Wrongs

April 22, 2005

The Friday fortune. Drum roll, please.

You have a natural grace and consideration for others.

Well, how nice for me. Apparently what I wrote in my morning pages today wasnít held against me. (Although that is the purpose of morning pages--none of it is held against you.) Not quite as exciting as last weekís fortune, but this one is advertisement free (better karma).

I wrote a long note to D. about the Chunks Oí Timeô in The Boysí Club. She suggested I might have a series of three books (Oh, lordy, just what I donít need). I still feel all three pieces are part of a larger whole. Of course, my major problem with the book is I want it to be perfect and if itís in my head and not on the page (or screen), it is, no?

Thing is, I like revising, so I donít need a perfect first draft. I donít mind cutting at all. Itís so much easier than having to revise something that absolutely needs to be in the story but isnít cooperating. Itís like . . . gum in your hair. If itís stuck among the split ends, all it takes is a few snips and you walk away from the deal with a nifty new bob.

If you have a gob of Bubble Yum stuck near your scalp, itís trickier. You need to apply all manner of remedies, then wash, rinse, and repeat. And walk away smelling like peanut butter.

Thatís my story, anyway, and Iím sticking to it. (Oh, ouch. Bad pun.)

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:09 p.m.