Writing Wrongs

May 08, 2005

Late flights and late nights have conspired to keep me from updating the blog and telling everyone about the trip, although thereís not much to tell. I honestly think the biggest appeal to Aruba is you can go there and not feel guilty if you do absolutely nothing but lie on the beach and have drinks delivered to you at regular intervals.

I will, bit by bit, post a few pictures and relate a few tales, none of them, I hope, reminiscent of being trapped in someoneís living room and watching dozens of vacation slides.

We ended up in Aruba via Bobís work. He made the ďpresidentís clubĒ for his work last year. Generally, this sort of trip is reserved for the top sales guys, but a few systems engineers get to go, and Bob was nominated last year. Nothing like a free vacation: airfare, hotel, and a per diem at the hotel. That last was really nice because Aruba is a true desert island and just about everything is imported (read: expensive). The good news is you can drink the tap water. Aruba has the second largest desalination plant in the world.

Thatís enough Aruba Fun Facts for today. Amazingly, I did do a little writing while I was away, during the sales meeting Bob had to attend (see, it was for work). I also pondered a couple of plot points while lying on the beach and while watching the sunset.

And on that note, Iíll leave you with:

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