Writing Wrongs

May 10, 2005

Something’s been bothering me about the upcoming scenes in The Boys’ Club. I thought it was the scene I was working on, but no, I’d tell myself, it’s doing what I want it to (for now) and the scene “disaster” directly relates to the theme of “the boys’ club,” or rather, poor Kit gets torpedoed by the old boys’ network.

But something was off. Then I realized it was a scene I’d been taking for granted (never do that). Major ah ha moment. The necessary info gets wrapped into another scene, and I replace it with one that contains an ambush, smoke grenades, and even a little blood. Which is really more exciting than the planned “language training” scene. (What was I thinking? Oh yeah, that’s right. I wasn’t.)

As for the Aruba recap, we stayed at the Radisson (which is not something we could normally afford), but it was nice. There is nothing like having waiters deliver drinks to you beachside. Really, there isn’t. Still, I’m not 100% convinced it’s a sparkling oasis that beckons from the warm ivory beaches of Aruba. Resort promotional copy, the purple prose of business writing.

Overall, I think we’d been happier in the low-rise area south of here or further north, where it’s less tame. Even if we did have a room with a (partial) view.

No, really, if you jockey around on the balcony, you can see the sand and ocean. I swear it. It’s there. You just got to look for it (kind of like finding those scenes you really need).

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:49 a.m.