Writing Wrongs

May 28, 2005

I stayed home yesterday, but I did have a fortunate Friday despite the lack of fortune cookie. I cleaned a little (exciting stuff), burned a soundtrack CD for The Boysí Club. Uh, yeah, thatís right. A book that doesnít exist has its own soundtrack.

And I found some school work in Andrewís backpack. It was an exercise in math, in adding up time for each activity, but I loved what he had planned:

Andrewís Party:
Light saber fight
Open presents
Light saber fight, part 2 (hey, the movies have sequels, why not fights?)
Capture the Flag
Inside capture the flag (he means inside the house--this makes it much more complicated, according to him--itís bound to be much more destructive)
Watch Star Wars episode one (he still thinks this is the first Star Wars no matter what I tell him)
Hide and Seek
PlayStation (while waiting for parents)

Iím exhausted just typing that out. I still think it sounds like a great party, if youíre an eight or nine year old boy.

I also took a walk. Itís been so miserable, I canít remember the last time I took one. And I discovered that itís a miracle I can think without the regular walks. Iím not kidding. I worked so much stuff out, about writing, about some specific scene problems I was having.

Today we learned after showing up that the Y canceled youth basketball again. Without telling us. Again. We werenít the only ones who showed up. I guess they expect us to be clairvoyant. So instead, Andrew cleaned his room. I suspect ulterior motives, but so far nothing. Kyra wanted to exercise to one of my workout tapes, so she did. Naked.

And this is pretty much how our Saturdays go.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 5:25 p.m.