Writing Wrongs

June 29, 2005

So this is kind of cool. Theyíre filming A Prairie Home Companion in St. Paul, near where I work. So I wonder, if I walk around during lunch, will I bump into Meryl Streep or Lindsey Lohan? Probably not.

Still, I might wander around during lunch to see if I can catch some filming of outdoor scenes (if theyíre even filming outdoor scenes). So we have Meryl Streep, Lindsey Lohan, Woody Harrelson, Kevin Kline, Garrison Keillor, of course, and Virginia Madsen as the mysterious angel of death.

From what Iíve gathered, itís a show within a show. There will be a show on the Fitzgerald Theater stage along with plenty of backstage intrigues, gossip, and betrayal. Oh, and the angel of death, of course. No show is complete without one of those.

Still, it sounds like it could be my kind of movie, a Lake Wobegon Noises Off with a touch of All That Jazz thrown in for good measure. Thereís a high concept you donít see every day. And Iím not sure it really sounds a lot like All That Jazz. I think itís that angel of death reference that sent my mind in that direction.

And really, itís got to be an older male writer thing that the angel of death is a beautiful blond woman (Michelle Pfeiffer was slated to play the Virginia Madsen role, and Iím thinking of Jessica Lange from All That Jazz). Because if Iím writing about the angel of death, he looks like George Clooney. Who was, oddly enough, slated to play the Kevin Kline role in the film.

I canít believe I brought that around full circle. Iím going to quit while Iím ahead.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:42 p.m.