Writing Wrongs

July 14, 2005

So I asked Andrew how his hike at daycare went the other day. This is his take on it:

Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, stop to take a picture, walk, walk, walk, walk, stop to ask directions to the RIGHT path, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, stand on a dock that sinks when too many people are on it, walk, walk, walk, walk, get back to the bus and drink lots of water.

And a good time was had . . . uh, maybe not. Andrew is not a big fan of “the walk.” Kyra likes to walk, but she still gets to ride in the jogging stroller, so I’m not sure that counts. They both liked the traveling petting zoo, although now Andrew wants an albino rabbit (add that to the list of animals he wants: pig, guinea pig, chicken, myna bird). He keeps telling me we can modify his room so it opens out onto a pigpen and barn.

But the big news is he has hit 1,000 pages in his summer reading program. We have a spreadsheet set up to track books, authors, page numbers count, and because I’m paying him a penny a page, the dollar amount. I’m trying to instill the concept of pleasure reading. The money is simply extra incentive. Andrew wasn’t so much a reluctant reader, but reading was (and sometimes still is) physically hard for him.

Now the emphasis has shifted from “how much money can I make” to “what do I get to read next.” He’s sad when there isn’t enough quiet time at daycare for him to read and he has a nifty TBR (to be read) pile right next to mine. Of course, mine moves at a much slower rate.

And thanks to Maria (go visit, she's just starting her blog), I now know who I am.

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