Writing Wrongs

August 20, 2005

Okay, I will finish up my American Idols concert review, quite possibly this weekend. I hope to anyway. Right now, I’m pretty darn proud that I survived the week. I’m even happier that I do not have to go into work this weekend.

And I’m not the only one happy to reach the end of the week. At the check point meeting, we were all so punch drunk, we were laughing at any stupid thing. At one point, the release manager said:

Well, who do they think reviews the documents? The Documentation Fairy?

Best. Line. Ever.

And yet, to truly appreciate it, I think you had to be there, and be as equally punch drunk as we were.

Today we pick up Bob and Andrew from the airport. They’ve been visiting Bob’s folks and various sisters/brothers in Birmingham this week. Kyra is so lonely for her brother, she invented a troupe of invisible ballet friends (note to self, look into peewee dance classes) and they were having a dance party. The downside? She’d get upset whenever I walked through one (or all) of them, which I did--often.

We also spent a lot of time coloring in her coloring books, which is beyond therapeutic. Considering the week I had, it was all I could handle.

Because I’m supposed to be taking a synopsis course. Ha! That isn’t happening. It came highly recommended. I even suggested it to a friend (and I’m hoping she doesn’t hate me now). Maybe it would be different if I were participating, but so far, color me unimpressed. It’s more of a “how to write” class than “how to write a synopsis” class, unfortunately.

The best synopsis class I ever took was taught by Shirley Kennett. She doesn’t teach it anymore, but does have a critique service. I think I’ll go back to her method and stop looking for the magic elixir of synopsis writing.

With that in mind, I reviewed what I have for The Boys’ Club. Sometime during the week, while I churned out install guides and release notes, I went from hating it to not hating it anymore. I might be able to finish the scene I’m in the middle of--wish me luck.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 7:14 a.m.