Writing Wrongs

September 09, 2005

So D. has promised, sort of, to help me brainstorm passages for letters to Washington D.C. Except. She hasnít been able to form sentences on the topic that donít include certain four-letter words.

But my goal for this weekend it to write those letters. Iím a writer. Itís what I do. Itís something I can do, in this case. I will both email and snail mail them. If more people wrote, do you think it would make a difference? When Iím feeling cynical, I think no. When Iím feeling hopeful, I remember that many great things were started with the smallest of actions.

Write. Tell your elected officials what you think of the efforts in the aftermath of Katrina. Remember, they work for you. Thereís a searchable database for the Senate and for the House of Representatives.

Tori Scott is working on an article about the wonderful things various writers (many from the Wet Noodle Posse) are doing to help. I donít want to steal her thunder, so you can blog hop to her site to get the scoop.

Allaina has good information on whatís happening to all the pets left behind and links for how you can help

In writing news, Monica Jackson has a neat entry on Romancing the Blog today on voice and marketing. And you may have missed it, but there I went ZIP past the 20,000 word mark in The Boysí Club. Seriously. Snails write faster than I do.

Tomorrow weíre up bright and early for Andrewís very first football game. And yeah, itís all fun and games and then he ends up on the bottom of a dog pile.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:38 a.m.