Writing Wrongs

September 18, 2005

So, the other day, when I dashed off my Word Painting assignment, the (infamous) vomit scene-let from The Boysí Club, I was struck by the obvious. The assignment was only for 250 words. I can write 250 words every single day. Or more specifically, I can write 250 words each day on The Boysí Club.

I mean, dashing off 250 words is easy. I write three pages long hand each morning. I have an electronic journal on my Mobile Pro. I have one on my computer at home. So I write. A lot. Just not enough (I always feel) on The Boysí Club. But if I can do all that other writing, I can squeeze in 250 words each day on my book, right?

Right. I donít know why I keep forgetting this one simple lesson of writing: the one-inch picture frame. I donít need to write the whole book, I just need to get Kit and Mark from the arms room to the menís john (trust me on this one--they need to be there).

This is something I can do. And I almost didnít yesterday. We were exhausted from Andrewís football game, even though heís the only of us who runs the ball. I decided to save writing for tomorrow. Then I remember the 250. Every. Single. Day. So I sat down. In the end, I had nearly 500 words.

The power of 250. Oh, and by the way, minus the title, this entry is 250 words long.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:09 p.m.