Writing Wrongs

September 22, 2005

Iím still writing the 250. Actually, I donít know how much Iím writing since itís still in my Mobile Pro (word count update tomorrow evening). More, by a long shot, than 250 each day, for which I am thankful. The weird thing is, or maybe not so weird, Iíve found inspiration in the strangest places, right when I need it.

For instance, I went online to find pictures of West Point rings, thinking Iíd like to describe the one Steve wears. Instead, I learn about a little West Point tradition that adds so much to the scene Iím writing, I canít imagine how I even conceived of the scene before knowing this. Weird.

I also read the George Clooney interview in the premier issue of Menís Vogue (because Iím all about men and vogue) and was inspired by some things he said along with a particular line of description. Actually, I was inspired on several levels, but we wonít go there.

And I found this courtesy of Marianne. I ran both Mark and Kit and was astounded by the results:

Warrior: Latin
You are a charismatic individual with a dynamic and attractive personality. Probably not known for your caution or patience you are a risk taker who hates to be restricted in any way. Freedom is very important to you. Your thinking and intuition is strong and you have a talent for communication. You enjoy the sensual and material pleasures of life and with the application of care and wisdom you can achieve wonderful worldly success.

Warrior? How cool is that? This fits Mark to a T. Weird.

Pure: Greek
You are idealistic and intelligent and very much an all or nothing person. Tending to experience constant change in life security is found in your real and abiding values. With great organisational ability, industry and creative prowess you love to build tangible results and are especially gifted at transforming lost causes. Your intelligence is marked with keen perception and analytical ability. A secure home life and relationship are important for you.

I love the ďall or nothingĒ line and the transforming lost causes. Both are so Kit. This goes beyond weird into creepy weird.

But! I still havenít written my 250 today. More like 100 (and I did some editing) and all Iíve managed to accomplish is getting Mark and Kit drunk, and itís about time someone steps away from the o-club bar while walking is still an option.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:24 p.m.