Writing Wrongs

October 03, 2005

During the drive to work, I was thinking about this short ďstoryĒ I wrote a while back. Right around New Yearís as a matter of fact. I eventually titled it Auld Lang Syne and for reasons still unknown, submitted it to a few contests.

It vanished into a black hole. And thatís okay. Sometimes I write stories that work for other people and sometimes they only work for me. And sometimes I canít tell the two apart, unfortunately, until some time has passed.

I was thinking of retiring this particular story. No regrets for either writing it or sending it out. It simply was. It served its purpose at the time, which was to get me to write something absolutely freeing.

So Iím sipping my chai while logging into my email account and what do I see? An email with the subject line: 3rd Place! The sender was obviously excited. At this point, Iím not entirely sure it isnít spam, so I open it with some trepidation.

Nope. Not spam. In fact, it seems Auld Lang Syne placed third in the contest. And hey, that comes with $50.00 prize money too. The contest coordinator mentioned that it made the top ten rankings of at least three judges (at least three? Thatís a lot of judges for a short story contest).

So far Iíve resisted the urge to write back and ask them if theyíre aware the story doesnít have much of a plot. Oh, it has lots of things, like a star quarterback returning to his hometown after twelve years, references to prom and puking (I wonder if vomit stories are a new trend for me), class rings, Motel Sixes, and Miller Lite, but Iím not sure thereís an actual plot wrapped up in all this.

Still, Iíd hate to part with that fifty bucks, so for now, Iím keeping quiet. Line up, the chaiís on me.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:17 a.m.