Writing Wrongs

November 08, 2005

Without a lot of fanfare, I made it to the midpoint of The Boysí Club. Actually, it was with a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth, figuratively speaking. Who am I kidding--it was literal wailing and gnashing.

Anyway, itís all downhill from here, right? Uh, in the good sense of the word. Actually, I had another point in mind for the midpoint, but now that Iím here, Iím thinking this is the midpoint, but in a word-count sense and in a plot-point sense (could I add another "point" to this explanation?). I added an additional challenge while in the midst of writing, and I think this is the true midpoint because everything on the other side is different.

In other news, Andrew is busy inventing new Yu-Gi-Oh cards, not that heís been invited to do so or anyone is paying him for this. Thereís Mud Man, and Cannon Man, and of course, Mud Man Cannon. Thatís a ďfusionĒ he tells me. Of course. What else could it be? ďHe has a six-pack,Ē Andrew adds. Iím not sure why this is significant.

Then thereís his favorite--and mine--the Wingman of Destruction. Iím pretty sure no oneís messing with you if youíre the Wingman of Destruction. Send me a rejection? Ha! You think so? Think again. I am the Wingman of Destruction! Cut me off in traffic? Baaad move. I am the Wingman of Destruction! Take the last chocolate chunk scone at Starbucks this morning? I. Donít. Think. So.

I am the Wingman of Destruction!

Thatís pretty darn empowering. (No really, it is. Try it.) It might just get me through the second half of The Boysí Club.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:45 a.m.