Writing Wrongs

November 16, 2005

Thanks everyone for the kinds words. I do knew a few people who have self-published successfully, but to do it “right” is an endeavor. You essentially become a small publishing business and it’s a great deal of work. Okay, granted, I could upload the manuscript on Lulu or CafePress and have it done by the afternoon, but that’s not what I’m talking about when I talk self-publishing.

As far as e-publishing goes, honestly, the production quality is still so uneven, from the editing to the cover art, that I prefer not to go that route. I know I won’t make friends with this stance, and while I’ve seen some books well published via the electronic press, I’ve seen others that are simply disasters. As a writer, the return on investment simply isn’t there. You end up shilling--hard--your own book. Not that you wouldn’t as a traditionally published author, but at least there you have the distribution machine behind you.

I’d rather spend the time writing.

Last night, Bob and Andrew braved the first snow of the season to trek to a woodworking shop for Cub Scouts. They are making a keepsake box. Every boy, except Andrew, picked mahogany stain for their box. Andrew went with cherry wood. Why? “Well, you know, Mommy, mahogany looks like diarrhea.”

There’s a lovely image. Next time you’re writing about someone’s mahogany desk and need a description, there you go.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Kyra had a pic-pic (picnic) with her sisters. No, you haven’t missed anything. She has two invisible sisters. (At one time, Andrew had seven invisible brothers. Or as he called them “frudders.” It must run in the family.) She used a baby blanket spread out on the floor and then placed three treats on the blanket, one for her and the other two for her sisters--and she didn’t help eat her sisters’ treats either (I had to scoop them up before the dog got them). Later, she spent time at the makeshift desk next to my computer so she could “do bills and documents like Mommy.”

Someone needs to tell her about the whole rejection part of it, but it’s not going to be me.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:15 p.m.