Writing Wrongs

December 09, 2005

I have things that make me irrationally torqued off, and those that please me to no end.

In the “torqued off” category:

Stupid “news” headlines on “Hotmail Today.” Today’s prize winner: The Women of Al Qaeda. This from Newsweek, too. Come on, get your act together. The Women of Al Qaeda? Sounds like a photo spread in Playboy. Give a serious subject a serious title. Please.

Writing advice that isn’t. My favorite of the week: That’s not how you punctuate thoughts. The person in question neglected to supply the correct method for punctuating thoughts (and depending on point of view and type of narrative, this can vary--there's no one answer).

My bank

Writing advice that isn’t, Part II. What I call: The Threat. This is where writing rules are cited, but the underlying reason has nothing to do with the craft or art of writing, but what some faceless editor/agent will think. Bonus point for when this advice is offered by someone who has never submitted to an agent/editor, never mind been published.

Things that please me:

Eggnog chai tea lattes

Andrew’s rockin’ report card

The search phrases that lead people here: “demon horse” (for this entry, no doubt); “demon Lucrecia” (ditto); “horses that are mean” (double ditto); “meaning of a horse woman clique” (triple ditto and I don’t have the answer, nor do I want to know the answer)

My iPod mini

The things that amaze my kids, like Kyra’s response to my cutting tuna fish sandwiches into fourths: “Oh, Mommy! That is so great!”

How Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books is making my commute tolerable.

That today is Friday

That I finally updated my blog

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