Writing Wrongs

December 15, 2005

Weíre home again, today. Poor Andrew has something--again. Heís also invited to a birthday sleepover tomorrow and at this point, Iím not sure heís going to be able to go. At this point, he doesnít feel like going (but wants to make sure his friend still gets his present). So far, the Marvelous Miss B (thatís Kyra) is fine. She even searched out Andrewís Vikings blanket to make him feel better.

And Andrew was so charged up for the weekend. Heíll have to miss basketball practice for sure tonight. Maybe the party, and he has a double-header on Saturday. Weíll see how it goes, I guess. He even did all his homework. Hereís a poem he wrote for a school assignment:

My Voice
My voice is strong
Like a breeze.
My voice is
Soft as can be.
Thatís my voice.

Obviously he has a better handle on this poetry thing than I do. In other writing news, I wrote yet another synopsis for The Boysí Club. Mainly because the urge struck me, and really, when it comes to synopses, thatís so rare, I go with it. Donít look a gift synopsis in the mouth and all that.

I barely looked at the first one to write the second and I took it from a 3,000 word monstrosity to ~1,500 words. I had too much detail in the first, but thatís okay, because at that point, I needed it. This second one is closer to the sort Iíd actually submit to an agent/editor.

And Iím thinking Iíll have to up the final word count on The Boysí Club, but so far, Iím resisting. I want a better handle on just how much more Iíll need to add. That, and Iím thinking of taking up poetry instead.


Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:27 a.m.