Writing Wrongs

December 24, 2005

A few days ago, the day I got my new desk actually, my digital camera stopped working. The desk pictures are the last ones I took with it as a matter of fact. I snapped the pictures, set the camera down on the desk, and when I picked up back up after dinner, it didnít work.

I did all the trouble-shooting. Then Bob did. He got online with HP customer service and they had him go through all the trouble-shooting again. Then they asked for the model and serial number. A few minutes later, they came back online to tell us they were sending a new camera. Apparently this model has a hardware problem (no kidding).

I didnít think Iíd have a camera for Christmas. Sure, Bob has one, but mine takes (or took) the nicer pictures (that hardware problem notwithstanding).

So what happens today? FedEx dropped a package at our door. My new camera! I have to send the nice people at HP customer service a note. Someone must have thought: hey, itís almost Christmas. I bet she wants her camera.

So of course I had to try it out:

Andrew and the snowman

Kyraís been singing what I think is a variation of ďFrosty the SnowmanĒ (never one of my favorite Christmas songs/shows). Her version goes like this:

Snowman . . . in a very happy life . . .

Seasons Greetings, everyone. May you and your snowmen have a very happy life.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:15 p.m.