Writing Wrongs

January 01, 2006

I hope everyone had a lovely New Yearís Eve/Day. Weíre relaxing here, Andrew is a roller coaster tycoon and Iím getting a lot of: ďOh, my goodness! Mommy, someone just puked!Ē Still, his park has won awards for being the cleanest. Too bad we canít say the same about his bedroom.

Kyra is lounging on the couch, playing with her Dora the Explorer magnetic doodle board. These things are the BEST. She could play with this for hours.

And of course, since I have some wonderful quiet time, I happen to be stuck, stuck, stuck. Iím now at the Desert Storm portion of the book. I have written a few scenes previously and have a brief sketches for others. What I canít figure out is whether Iím stuck because Desert Storm doesnít fit the story, or I simply donít want to go there--again. Did it with India Charlie, not sure I want to do it here.

But if I remove it, the rest of the story doesnít make sense. Tried that game of ďwhat ifĒ and was equally stalled. The war is important. The deployment is a major crisis and the breakup of the boysí club. But gosh, do I wish I could skip over it and start with Kit redeploying to Germany and attending Steveís wedding.

The setup is Mark (in need of an assistant) chooses Kit over Steve and Vic to deploy with him, exposing some uncomfortable flaws in the other two boys (Steve is indecisive, Vicís an alcoholic). Thereís the whole male/female in combat thing going on. Thereís the division of those who go and those who stay behind. The ramifications are felt not just with the deployment, but pretty much for the rest of the book.

So what do I do? Why canít I write it? Uh, these are rhetorical questions. I donít expect anyone out there to have answers to questions on a book Iím writing. But maybe if I toss it out there, the universe will take pity and send me a clue, or a scene. At this point, Iíd take a paragraph.

In the meantime, I think thereís more puke to be cleaned up over by the Ferris wheel.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 2:43 p.m.