Writing Wrongs

January 05, 2006

Update: The mom brag Andrew was selected to go to a special creativity festival at the University of Minnesota. Itís for third and fourth graders who excel at creativity and problem-solving skills, and only a few students per class are selected. To put this in perspective, he wasnít selected last year and K-3 had been a struggle for him.

Things have really clicked this year academically. Itís so nice to see him rewarded this way. I donít know what heís more excited about: the festival or the fact itís at the University of Minnesota. Someone is feeling very grown up.

Update: The Marvelous Miss B Kyra changes her clothes, on average, at least three times a day. The pretend play dictates the outfit, and sheíll change back and forth, into pajamas, skirts, ďdress-ups,Ē back to pajamas, something of Andrewís. The other night, she found his Oakland Raiders football jersey. It made a nice dress that ended at her ankles. She spread her arms wide and ran through the house yelling, ďI Harry Potter! I Harry Potter!Ē

Update: The writing A little better. Iím inching my way through a scene and Iíve figured out (I think) my reluctance to write this portion of the story. The scene Iím on now involves this:

Never mind the rest, just looking at the gas mask (I mean, chemical protective mask) makes me uncomfortable. If you have any latent claustrophobic tendencies, they will emerge while you wear one of these beasts. And they hurt. At least mine did. Add in the fact that someone thinks itís a good idea for you to wear one and misery ensues.

So putting them on Mark and Kit has been . . . interesting. Writing their relationship is like walking a tightrope. One misstep and itís all over--the scene, chapter, book falls apart. I needed to settled into the new environment and what itís doing to both of them.

But! I did send out the first submission of the year. The line at the post office was nearly as long as it was around Christmas. It hit me, while I waited. Everyoneís getting mailing done before the rates go up. Aha. Just like me.

Guess Iím not as clever as I thought. Or rather, everyone is just as clever as I am. Or something like that.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 12:56 p.m.