Writing Wrongs

January 06, 2006

Taking up the gauntlet as posted by Marianne to post pictures of where I write.

Here it is, my new desk, all outfitted. On the right, thereís a gathering oí stuff, including a bust of Pushkin and Shakespeare for inspiration (more on them in a bit). On the left, next to the printer is the complete set of Sex in the City DVDs, also for inspiration.

My desktop computer has a folding keyboard, which I love. I can fold the thing up, push the computer back slightly, and have plenty of desk space. In front of the printer is the stack of craft books Iím working through this year along with some new notebooks and a U2 concert DVD, and a coaster. Bob says Iím not allowed to drink coffee at my desk without a coaster.

To the left and slightly behind my desk is the kitchen. We live in a split level, so Iím looking out over the expanse of the stairs and then across into the living room. No room of oneís own for me.

A close up of the right corner. Thatís a bust of Pushkin and one of Shakespeare. Pushkin is wearing a Motherís Day bracelet. Why? Because Shakespeareís head it too big.

In front of Pushkin are my portable iPod speakers. Sitting in my portable iPod speakers is, oddly enough, not an iPod, but a framed picture of Andrew. He made it for me one day back when he was in first grade. His school portraits came with little stickers, so he took one of those, stuck it to some paper, then slipped that into the frame. When he gave it to me, he said, ďHere you go, Mommy. Whenever youíre lonely, just look up, and there I am!Ē And Iíve kept it exactly how he gave it to me, odd frame and all.

Next to that thereís a keepsake box with Kyraís picture. The rainbow-bright bouquet of Motherís Day silk flowers sits in a vase I received (with real flowers) when she was born.

So, whoís up next?

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:14 a.m.