Writing Wrongs

January 25, 2006

Got this from Terry, and Iím using his rules. Hereís my five weird habits. If you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged, if not, donít worry.

1. I have weird feet. Itís true. I almost always have to wear socks because my feet feel better that way, even in summer. I donít like sandals. I donít like the skin on my feet to feel dry. And I wear ďbed socksĒ to bed. All. The. Time. Andrewís picked up on this habit, so I guess weird feet are hereditary.

2. Whenever I get one of those coffee drinks with whipped cream (like a white chocolate mocha latte), I pry the top off, get a spoon, and eat the whipped cream first. Or maybe everybody does this.

3. My fingernails must be short. If they get to a certain length, I canít stand typing on the keyboard. Likewise, I dislike wearing bracelets, especially for work/typing (although, in theory, I do like bracelets and have some pretty ones) and can barely stand wearing a watch. Maybe I just have weird extremities.

4. I played U2ís The Joshua Tree on continuous loop in the cassette player of my car while I was writing India Charlie. And Iím still not tired of it. I could listen to it constantly. I could listen to Where the Streets Have No Names constantly. These days, Iíll set my iPod to shuffle U2 and be done with it.

5. I need to eat breakfast as the first meal of the day, no matter what time I actually eat breakfast. So if I get busy and forget to eat until, say, noon, I really, really need to have some sort of breakfast food. A mini-donut, anything. Then I can eat ďregularĒ food.


Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 10:19 a.m.