Writing Wrongs

February 01, 2006

I checked my February horoscope because . . . well, because I can. That’s why. Here’s a snippet:

You have a fascinating chart in February. The part of your chart associated with power, money, sex, and transformation will be brilliantly lit - your eighth house - and it appears that at least one of these areas will be your mind.

Power, money, sex, and transformation? I say: bring it on. I have no idea where my eighth house is (and they always talk about these things as if you know). Is it next to my seventh house? One would think, wouldn’t one? I didn’t even realize I had so many houses--I hope they don’t have corresponding mortgages. However, that is excellent news about my mind. I could use a little turbo-charge in that area.

So I updated my résumé, shot a copy off to my contract house. Tomorrow, I have to take my car in to be serviced (which it desperately needs) and I’m going to finish off the Golden Heart entries I need to judge (which I desperately need to do) while I wait for that to happen. That’s three things off the big to-do list.

Thanks for your kinds words about Andrew’s art (previous entry, as an aside, fire and flames were big among the boy artists and their bikes). We think he’s pretty good, but then, we’re biased. He does work hard at it and loves to do it--uh, sometimes a little too much. And Kyra is following right behind him (no surprise). Her current goal isn’t just to be like him, but for someday to be bigger and stronger than he is. Then she’ll get the be the older sibling.

It’s weird having such a quiet house. Just the tap of the keyboard and the snoring of dogs (in stereo). I’m going to sneak off and try to brilliantly light my mind, or at least get some words down in The Boys’ Club.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:09 p.m.