Writing Wrongs

February 09, 2006

You can get your own word cloud here.

But I donít have a lot of other words today. I used them all in The Boysí Club. I did about 2,000 today, which is really good for me. Look, look! Iím nearly at 110,000 words. Iím coming into the home stretch, although Iím still in the process of breaking Kitís heart--as it stands now, itís only about half-broken. First Steve, and I just finished up with Vic. Iím pulling out the big artillery now. Itís Markís turn. As they say, itís all over but the crying (and the sad thing is, I did. Oh, how I cried.)

Anyway, with my head so firmly in the story world, up in the clouds, I thought posting the word cloud for my blog would be appropriate.

Other strange word tidbits. People who search on ďweird feetĒ end up at my blog. Why are people searching for weird feet?

To quote Andrew and Kyra: Whatever.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 4:23 p.m.