Writing Wrongs

February 19, 2006

It was a strange day yesterday. Oddly, I only had one email message in my inbox. With all the junk I get and then delete (CareerBuilder, I’m looking at you), I get at least half a dozen messages, especially after being shut down all night. It was weird and an omen for my day, I think.

We were up early since Andrew had a basketball tournament. Bagels for fuel. Bob and Andrew left for the high school and the tournament. Kyra was doing a puzzle. I was going write.

One moment I was fine, then I glanced at the dog, and wham. It hit me. I felt awful. Kind of flu like, but not really. No fever, but no energy either. So I folded up the keyboard on my computer and went to read. Polished off the last Golden Heart entry I had to judge and made the arduous trek through minus zero temps to the mailbox to send my scores in. Then I simply read for most of the day.

Kyra sat on the bed and invented various games with her dolls and Andrew’s G.I. Joes. At one point, Snow White was telling one of the Joes, “I’m a mom and I’m not in the mood.” I have no idea what she was actually referring to, but I think she already has a pretty good grasp on male/female relationships.

Then later that evening, I slumped over on the pillows, Kyra curled up next to me, and we slept for a good hour while Andrew darted and played around us. When I woke up, he told me that Kyra fell asleep right after I did, despite the fact he tried teasing her nose with a goldfish cracker. I’d reprimand him, but this is mild compared to the grief she gives him most days.

Today we’ll visit my mom. Kyra can’t wait. She’s been talking about it all week, about driving through the tunnel and seeing Grandma’s cat. Andrew has a surprise for Grandma and Kyra promises not to touch any of Grandma’s “breakable stuff.”

And I had a normal amount of junk in my inbox this morning.

A good omen.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 8:49 a.m.