Writing Wrongs

March 17, 2006

Lots of people said some very nice things about my previous post, but Iíve discovered that Haloscan isnít fond of long titles. So I guess Iíll have to keep it short for now on.

Now I know weíve all heard about the dangers of the Internet and protecting children. Bob has implemented parental controls on the computer Andrew uses. When implemented by a computer security expert, these controls are not a joke. Believe me. I can visit all of two sites on that machine.

But they canít protect against this:

Go on. I know you want, nay crave, one. You can thank me later. I like the strapless number myself. As a public service (since weíre all about public service here at Writing Wrongs), I give you: The Hello Kitty Wedding.

However, this site should not be viewed by impressionable, princess-oriented, three-year-old minds. It might cause permanent damage--at least to your wallet, since jetting over to Japan for a wedding would be pretty spendy.

Is it me, or does the young couple look more excited about Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel (Really? Heís called that?) than they do about the ring exchange (second picture)? For the record, Kitty seems touched by the moment.

Then again, that is quite a dress (I think I can call it that) Kitty is wearing. Iíd be distracted too.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 11:05 a.m.