Writing Wrongs

March 28, 2006

This weekend, Andrew had a brainstorm and introduced his sister to the Power Rangers. Now it’s been a few years since Andrew was really into Power Rangers. The progression went something like: Power Rangers-->Pokemon-->Yu-Gi-Oh-->Dragon Ball Z-->Manga. Although it varies, because he does love trading cards, so any show with cards rotates in and out of favor.

But watching Power Rangers with your three-year-old sister beats watching some sort of princess show with her. Kyra loved it. First they watched an oldie, but goodie, Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads with the original Power Ranger cast. “Sword, sword! Use your sword!” Kyra yelled during the fight scenes. Only three and already a tactician. Nice.

So why should Power Rangers incite such ardor? Well, for those of you who don’t know/haven’t guessed, included in the Power Ranger line up is a Pink Power Ranger. And Kyra was all about that. In fact, I’m pretty sure she thinks she is the Pink Power Ranger.

Then Andrew pulled out his copy of Power Rangers in Space where the Power Rangers meet and fight the Psycho Rangers.

Psycho 1: We’re bigger than you.
Psycho 2: We’re stronger than you.
Psycho 3: We’re faster than you.
Psycho 4: We’re smarter than you.
Psycho 5: And we’re EVIL!

Misc. Power Ranger: Oh, yeah? Bring it on!

Wow. Why can’t I write dialogue like that?

Remember when we all thought this Power Ranger thing was a flash in the pan? Ha. This year brings us the newest installment of the series, Power Rangers Mystic Force (not to be confused with Power Rangers Wild Force or Power Rangers Time Force, or Power Rangers Triple Force--they're all different and distinct, I tell you).

There’s no stopping the Power Rangers.

Although one thing is clear. If I’m typing away and anything I write bears the slightest resemblance to something in a Power Rangers video, I know it’s time to step away from the keyboard.

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 9:08 a.m.