Writing Wrongs

March 29, 2006

The Babble Fish game is going around, so I thought Iíd try it. Hereís the first paragraph of India Charlie:

Isabelle Camden stood outside the Post Exchange barbershop and told herself it wasnít going to hurt. She peered through the glass while her fingers found the French braid at the base of her neck. Inside, barbers in crisp, white tunics navigated chrome and black vinyl chairs. Each whoosh of the door brought strains of Armed Forces Radio and the smell of tonic.

From English to Japanese and back again:

The fact that Isabelle (Japanese characters) stands outside the post exchange haircut store, is said that to her and herself is hurt was not done. She scrutinized passing by the glass, while her finger finds the French blade in the basis of her neck. While making the (Japanese characters), the haircut teacher of the white tunic operated the chrome and the chair of black vinyl. As for each one whoosh of the door which has the radio of military force of the tonic and the tension of smell.

Wow. That makes no sense whatsoever. Although, I do like the fact Isabelle is now armed with a French blade (although if itís in the basis of her neck, thatís bound to hurt). I also like ďthe tension of smellĒ for some reason. Letís make it a little less arduous for Babble Fish, shall we?

English to German and back again:

Isabelle Camden did not stand outside of the post exchange hairdresser salon and it was in the term to be hurt. It looked by the glass, while their fingers found the French lichen at the lower surface of its beginning. Internal, gentleman hairdressers in the clear, white smocks chrome and black Vinylstuehle steered. Everyone whoosh the door got loads of the armed force radio and the smell of the stabilization means.

So she goes from standing outside to not. Not good. I really want to know what stabilization means smells like. I also have it on good authority that the Post Exchange hairdresser salon and the Post Exchange barber shop are two separate entities, not to be confused.

Anyone else game?

Charity Tahmaseb wrote at 1:10 p.m.